About Me

Hi Everyone,
My name is Wally Wackiman. I am a purple, Jewish, self-aware puppet.  That gives you a pretty good idea of just who I am, but I’ll elaborate.  I was created by Zach Woliner, with my construction having been completed on July 7th, 2008.  Since then, I was discovered by Tom Scharpling, who gave me some air time on his radio show, The Best Show On WFMU.  Since then, I have developed a bit of a fan following, and I have worked to keep myself connected, posting videos to YouTube, chiming in on Twitter, and keeping everybody up to date with things through Facebook.

Now, I have my own official domain on the web ,to do with as I please.  I hope you enjoy it, as I continue to move on in my existence as a simple puppet, trying to make it in a human’s world.  Thanks for visiting my site, and be sure to come back, soon!



-Wally Wackiman