Video Greetings

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently decided to join the trend of doing special, personalized video greetings! While mainly aimed at young kids who are stuck at home during our current situation, unable to go play with friends or other fun activities like that, I am also happy to send a thoughtful, encouraging, congratulatory, or whatever message to a special grown-up in your life, as well.

If you would like to have me, a purple puppet, send out a special message to someone you know, please reach out to me at [email protected]. It’s all for the low, low price of just $25 per message. I hope I can help bring some joy to those who need it most during these trying times. I look forward to making a special message for whoever you feel could use that special boost. Please let me know, and I will get right on it, with a turnaround of just a few days.



(Facebook Post)

“Ya’ll if you have friends or kids of your own with birthdays coming up,
please consider reaching out to my friend Zach Woliner because he will
make you a customized birthday greeting with his puppet friend Wally
Wackiman that will bring a huge smile to your birthday recipient’s face. He
will work with you to craft a nice personalized video from Wally that really
feels like it contains the care of a well thought out gift that captures your
recipients personality.

Ya’ll who know me know that I don’t normally advertise others services on
here but I was just so happy with what I received from Zach that I think it would make an excellent birthday gift for folks who are socially distant and
can’t see their loved ones as much as they would like. Even if you happen
to live with your lovd ones it still makes a pretty fantastic gift.”

Maddie-Recipient & Sean-Customer
(Text message thread)

“Omg that was so cute! Thank you so much! ?❤️❤️❤️”

“Eh, sometimes it helps to be friends with a puppet ?
Thought u might get a kick out of it”

“That really meant a lot, Sean. I’m
like happy crying under my mask.