Episode 2-Noel MacNeal


Wally starts a new year of the Pupcast with a bang, as he is joined by puppetry living legend, Noel MacNeal. Listen intently as Noel shares plenty of stories from his lifetime having a career (not just a job) in puppetry. Covered are a wide variety of topics, including caterpillars, the importance of family, hot-gluing bird feathers, full-body characters, vocal range, advice for where to find puppetry work, and much more.

You’ll hardly care that Wally barely adds to the conversation, as Noel has plenty of fun and fascinating stories to tell.

Noel In FTB
Noel’s cameo at the end of Follow That Bird

Edna In FTB
Noel’s mother’s cameo at the end of Follow That Bird

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The Wally Wackiman Pupcast
The Wally Wackiman Pupcast
Episode 2-Noel MacNeal
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